Show One Hundred And Eight

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. You Saw What Happened During The FBI’s Raid Of Free Talk Live’s Studio: Now See The Footage Caught By FTL’s Surveillance Cameras That Happened Before The Raid :: Will AlmaLinux Beat Rocky Linux To The Punch As a Replacement To The Now Defunct CentOS? :: VLC Turns 20 Years Old ::  Raspberry Pi: Yet Another Threat To Your Freedom :: Circuit Court Undoes Positive District Court Ruling That Handed Us Privacy Of Our Phones @ The Border :: Deezer Adapts Shakedown Notices After YouTube-DL Source Code Restored :: Secret Evidence OK? Not In This Court Courtroom Says Judge: Source Code For DNA Testing Software To Be Released :: Crypto Scams Might Exist, But There Is Something Worse Called KYC/AML :: The Master Card Deceit: Exploiting Cryptocurrency Publicity To Push Fake Scamcoins (Stablecoins) :: Cops Abusing Copyright To Stop People From Filming :: Copyright Cartel In Fight To Rip Your Right To Real Property To Shreds: Removing Video Streaming Devices Digital Restrictions & Criminalization Thereof ::  Court Orders Telegram To Block Pirated Content & The Problem With Centralized Tools :: Google Cancels Developers Account & The Danger Of A Two-Choice System (App Store vs Play Store) :: Tesla “Invests” 1.5 Billions Dollars Into Bitcoin :: Even The Government’s Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day: Denver Starts Sending Out Mental Health Professionals In Place Of Police :: US Military Is Monitoring US Cell Phones

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Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:

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