Show One Hundred And Thirty Six

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. DeFi Founder Threatens Compound Users After Bug Results In Accidental $90 Million Giveaway :: Whats Happening In The Coinbase World? :: CDN Provider Cloudflare Gets A Partial Win: Judge Says There’s No Evidence Of Direct Infringement :: The Illogical Plea Deal: Ethereum Researcher Pleads Guilty To ‘Advising’ North Korea And The Problem With Supposed Guilty Pleas :: Crypto6’s Ian & Aria Pissing Off Government Bureaucrats Again: Announcing Run For Office In Spite Of House Arrest :: Crypto6’s Ian Freeman’s Lawyer Withdraws Request For Expanding Contacts & Ankle Monitor Removal :: Government’s Losing Control: YouTube Begins Banning ‘Anti-Vaccine Activists’ & Pretty Much Anyone Who Doesn’t Toe The Governments Line :: Big Deal And Probably Good News For Crypto Adoption (The Spending Kind): BitPay & Verifone Partner To Bring Merchants Integrated Crypto Acceptance Solutions: Will A Fast Food Join Near You Be Accepting Crypto Soon? Maybe :: Cox Discovers Copyright Cartels Concealed Evidence In Billion Dollars Piracy Verdict :: FBI Gag Orders Undermining Your Rights: Years Go By Without Notification Your Personal Data Been Accessed And Opportunities To Challenge Disappear


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