Show One Hundred And Thirty Seven

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Significant Gun Activist Gets Murdered By German Police Over 3D Printed Rifle Design Made Without Restricted Parts :: Is Telegram A Right Wing Platform? Left Wing Extremist @ NHPR Thinks It Is :: ‘Established’ N.H. Libertarian Activists ‘Drive Coronavirus Protests’? (Odd Considering Majority Are Religious Conservatives) :: Singapore Passes New Censorship Law To Squash Whatever Minor Dissent Remained In The Supposedly ‘Democratic’ Country :: Is Brazil About To Follow In El Salvador’s Footsteps By Also Making Bitcoin Legal Tender? :: US Government To Punish Victims Who Get Blackmailed In Crypto Hacking Schemes Under New Bill :: US Thinks It Can Stop ‘Crypto’ Crime By Going After Exchanges Despite The Crime Pre-dating The Existence Of Crypto And Exchanges Being A Mere Convenience Rather Than A Necessity In The Crime :: VPN Hosting Company Settles Copyright Lawsuit by Blocking Pirate Sites :: Copyright Cartel Gets Shafted In Unbelievably Low $14,000 ‘Win’ Against Pirate IPTV Provider :: Judge Makes Shockingly Positive Ruling: Cloudflare Has No Legal Obligation To Shut Down Pirate Sites

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