Show One Hundred And Forty

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Infrastructure Bill Assumes Everyone Is A Drunk Driver: Mandate’s New Vehicles Integrate Breathalyzer Testings For Everyone :: Binance Became The World’s Biggest Crypto Exchange By Ignoring The Law :: Ledger Produces A Mini Documentary On The Crypto6 :: Are Seedbox Providers Providing Criminal Services? Copyright Cartel Files Criminal Compliant :: First It Was Pronouns, Now I Got To Introduce Myself Based On The Most Obvious Traits Like My Hairstyle? Is This Real? Or Some Right-Wing Satire? :: New York’s Mayor Thinks Crypto Should Be Taught In Schools :: Real Estate App Lets You Buy Houses In Mexico With Bitcoin ::  Government Justifies Stealing From You By Joining New Cybersecurity Pact :: Blind People Required To Ge Permission To Read : Fortunately This Time Round They’re Going To Be Allowed, But Next Year Might Be A Different Story: Dangers Of DRM & Government :: Limiting Anonymity Helps Expose Terrorists : Says Copyright Cartel :: $1.2 Trillion Theft :: Passwords & Encryption : Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Retain 5th Amendment :: US Copyright Office Expands Jailbreaking Exemption To Entertainment Devices : At Least For A Few Years :: Even Yahoo! Isn’t Too Big To Be Censored: 4 Days Of Downtime Over Error :: DOJ Partakes In Massive Theft: And 150 People Arrested In International ‘Darknet’ Probe


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