Show One Hundred And Forty One

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Crypto6’s Aria Tells All In O’Donnell Interview :: NH Libertarian Party Chair Arrested After Refusing To Be Segregated At School Board Meeting :: Facebook May Be Evil, But Absurd Demands By Protect The Children Types Aren’t Justifiable :: BlockFi Faces SEC Scrutiny Over High-Yield Potentially Risky Crypto Accounts & Government’s Insistence On “Protecting” You May Just Come With A Significant Cost :: People Are Freaking Out Over South Korean Government Handing Over Pictures For Private Facial Recognition Database Yet Still For Some Odd Reason People Think Drivers Licenses Are A Good Idea? :: Stunning Opposition By Federal Employee To Pro Regulatory Governments Report: Says Bank-Only Stablecoins Limit Innovation :: AMC Theaters Is Finally Rolling Out Support For Crypto (Supposedly- PayPal is involved so who knows if it is real) :: Government Wants New Laws To Tackle Terrorism Yet It Doesn’t Stop With Terrorism: MPA Wants To Utilize It To Stop Piracy :: Mastercard To Permit Banks To Get Involved With Crypto Rewards (I wonder what the regulators think of that!) :: The UK Wants To Ban Anonymous Social Media Accounts :: Devuan 4.0 Released :: Trump’s TRUTH App Based On Mastodon May Violate AGPL License :: Police Can’t Demand You Reveal Your Phone Passcode And Then Tell A Jury You Refused

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  1. 01:28:47
    revenge is good and morally correct and should be done

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