Show One Hundred And Forty Five

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Bank Of England Scaremongering Bitcoin Could Become ‘Worthless’ :: For The First Time Ever A Government Monopoly Holds Advertising Agency Liable For Serving Pirate Site :: “1%” Of Bitcoiners Hold Significant Quality Of Bitcoin Wealth :: Dangers Of Big Tech & Proprietary Solutions: Google Discontinues Overpriced OnHub Routers :: Malaysia Passes Bill To Start Caging Media Pirates For Up To 20 Years :: Eric Clapton Violently Attacks Women Who Unknowingly Sold $11 Bootleg CD In Political Dispute :: Google Does An Apple In Censorship Of Google Drive : Uses Bogus Excuse Of Protecting The Children :: Amazon Partners With China In Censoring Negative Reviews Of Dictator’s Book :: Federal Court Blocks Texas’ Unconstitutional Social Media Law Which Prohibited Private Companies From Censoring Conservatives :: Russia Goes After Google With Significant Fines For Censoring Friend Of Putin :: US Government(s) Not That Dissimilar To Russia Even If Country Purports To Protect Freedom Of Speech & Protest: Frank, A New Hampshire Activist Gets Convicted Of “Disorderly Conduct” After Being Found Not Guilty On Two Counts Of Not-Actually-Illegal ‘Picketing’ At Governors House (Alongside 8 Others Including 1 Reporter) :: Free Speech (Not Decentralized) Platform Flote To Be Kicked Off Google Play & How To Protect Yourself From Google :: Humorous Counter Opinion Of US Government Goon To Fear Mongering Bank Of England: Powell Thinks Bitcoin Poses No Risk To Financial Markets


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