Show One Hundred And Forty Six

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Corrupt Cops & The Police Commissioner Removed From Publicly Released Laurie List :: NH State Rep. Freaks Out Over Independence Amendment With Lie After Lie In Letter To The Editor :: Missouri’s Governor Continues Criminal Attack On Reporter Who Discovered Bug In Gov Website :: Court Rules Attorney Client Privilege And Privacy Rights Trump Copyright Trolls Demand For Copies Of Hard Drive :: Crypto6’s Ian Freeman Wins Motion To Be Moved To Curfew System: No More Needing To Beg Permission To Leave House :: Don’t Expect To Attend Sporting & Other Events Without Surrendering To Biometric Identification System And Maybe Even Grocery Shopping :: They Want To Extend Copyright Law To Stop Parents From Filming Children’s Soccer Games: In The Name Of Fighting Gambling :: ‘Free Speech’ Fraud Entity Rumble Threatens Free Speech Platform Odysee With Lawsuit Over Criticism! :: Facebook Snatches Artist’s  Metaverse User Name: Maybe It’s Time To Use A Decentalized Platform That Isn’t Evil? :: German Minister Demands Telegram Increase Censorship :: Socialists (?) Think We’re Still Nowhere Near Reining In Tech (?Good? I think, Advocating Violence Is A Poor Solution To Simply Switching Platforms & Tools) :: Copyright Troll Threatened With Jail Time & Ordered To Pay Even More Money To Victim Wrongly Accused Of Infringement :: Russia Passes Law To Remove Sites From Internet With More Than 100 Links To Pirate Content  :: Faulty TV Network Takedown Notice Leads To Censorship On Google :: Over 200 Newspapers Sue Google & Facebook: Despite Competition Nothing Stops You From Directly Selling Adds Nor Using Many Smaller Competitors :: CEO Admits It’s Deep Into Crypto :: Solving The Verizon Problem: They’re Collecting Your Browser History :: Non-profit Quad9 DNS Provider Loses German Court Case Despite Law Being On Their Side: Ordered To Censor :: Wifi Routers Are Buggy Security Nightmare: 226 Flaws Discovered

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