Show One Hundred And Sixty One

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Ubuntu 22.04 & Fedora 36 Released :: Linux Mint 21 To Be Based On Ubuntu 22.04 :: Crypto6 Union Leader Story: Two More Plead Guilty :: UK May Not Permit Use Of Handheld Devices While Driving, But Change To UK Law To Legalize Watching TV While Driving :: The Soviet Union May Have Been Bad, But EU’s New ‘Content Rules’ Turning Europe Into A New Draconian Authoritarian Shi*hole Right Behind Putin’s Russia :: Cruel & Unusual Punishment? Ross Ulbricht’s Ordered To Pay $183 Million Fine Despite Having To Spend Life In Prison, But Now Seized Bitcoin To Repay Silk Road Founder’s ‘Debt’ To U.S. Government :: The Dangers Of Twitter: Even If Climate ‘Deniers’ Are Wrong Censorship Isn’t The Answer :: Coinbase Says Apple’s Crypto Rules Highlight ‘Antitrust Issues’ :: Talk About A Delusional Reporter: Bloomburg Thinks $5.8 Of 600 Million Recovered In North Korean Hack Demonstrates Cashing Out Of Crypto Will Only Get Harder (Guess What You Don’t Necessarily Need To ‘Cash Out’ Particularly As It Gets More Popular) :: Surveillance Firm Tracks NSA & CIA VIA Cell Phones: Not As Difficult To Solve As Some May Think :: Canonical Hopes To Do An IPO In 2023 :: Houston Trying To Compel Speech By Businesses Through Mandatory Camera Installs And Mandatory Warrantless Access :: ‘Smart’ Tech, Stupid Users: Another Cloud Dependent Product Results In Useless Devices :: Vice Blames Cryptocurrency For Ransomware Epidemic: Someone Need To Educate Them On The History Of Ransomware Because It Predates Bitcoin :: Turn On Airplane Mode People! Virginia Police Use ‘Pings’ To Track Non-Criminals & Non-Suspects :: Ukrainian Propaganda Against Russia Demonstrates Interesting Russian Military Surveillance Tech That Utilizes Off The Shelf Consumer Canon DSLR Tech :: Kids Online ‘Protection’ Bill Is Another Attack On Your Freedom And Actually Endangers Youth ::  Spain’s Government Caught Spying On Catalan Independence Leaders VIA NSO Cell Phone Tech :: US Appeals Court Finally Rules Once And For All That Web Scrapping Of Public Data Legal


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