Show One Hundred And Sixty Two

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Feds Take Revenge In Crypto6 Case: Bring 33 More Counts Against Ian & Aria :: Crypto6: Renee & Andrew Appeasement & ‘Superseding Information’ :: Why SSNs Are A Problem Largely Because Government :: FBI Illegally Conducts Millions Of Warrantless Searches – Yet Suffers No Consequences For it :: Law Enforcement Complicit In Sexual Extortion Of Minors :: Central African Republic: Yet Another Country Adopts Bitcoin As Official Currency :: Court Agrees: Copyright Cartels Argument Against Cheat Maker Didn’t Violate Copyright :: Will GNU/Linux Support For The NTFS Files System Be Dropped Now That It Isn’t Being Maintained? :: DMCA Used To Suppress  Speech Yet Again In Revelation Of Spoiler :: EU To Mandate Upload Filters In Final Agreement Reached In Digital Services Act And Worse :: Granite State Progress Comes Out And Says Free Staters Are Right Wing Extremists That Have Taken Over The New Hampshire Government (Including The Governor! Still Trying To Figure Out When That Happened, And When Did Libertarian Get Redefined As ‘Ring Wing’, Though We Can Agree That Massive Gains Have Occurred) :: Zoom Settles Zoombombing Case for $85 Million: Religious Extremists Traumatized For Life! :: Europe Seals Deal For Tighter Rules On Digital Services: Know Your Business Customer (Should Be Called The Don’t Host In Europe Act)

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Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:



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