Show One Hundred And Seventy Eight

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Crypto6’s Prosecutor Caught Telling New Lies & Evidence Desire To Take Out FTL/Ian Freeman/Free State Project Plus Lots More :: MPA Piracy Investigation Reveals PrimeWire & KickAssTorrents Possibly Connected & How Getting Operational Security Right Can In Fact Protect You Despite Many If Not Most F’ing It Up :: Documentarians Making Ballad Of The Crypto6 Reach ~$30 And Hit Half Of Funding Goal @ Halfway Point In Indiegogo Documentary Fundraising Campaign :: Ethereum Operators Just Sued To Make Tornado Cash Legal Again :: And Treasury Backpedaling Claim Saying Torando Cash Sanctions Don’t Stop People From Sharing Code :: Left’s Effort To Push Crypto To Bogus ‘Environmentally’ Friendly Models May Have Had Ulterior Motive As Ether’s New Staking Model Could Draw SEC Ire :: SEC’s Trying To Kill Crypto By Pushing Up Costs And Disrupting Projects :: Crypto6 Prosecutor Manipulates Court In New Filing: New Claim Is Investigation Started in 2018, NOT 2016 Like Previously Stated In Hearing As 2008 FinCIN Letter Was ‘catalysts for the investigation ‘; New Lies Evidence Real Motivation Of Wanting To Take Out Ian & FTL & Free State Project Rather Than Anything To Do With Protecting “Little Old Ladies” & Prosecutor Tries To Weasel Out Of Allowing Evidence Favorable To Defendant By Using ‘B Section’ Of Statue Which Does Not Rely On State Law; Yet Still Actually Clearly Evidences Lack Of ‘Knowingly’ Element In B Section Of Federal Law; Prosecutor Also Now Claiming The Case Is Not About Crypto Vending Machines And State Bureaucrat Evidence Saying Money Service Business License Isn’t Required Should Not Be Allowed As Is Irrelevant Despite Federal Law Being Dependent On What State Law Says; Plus Bureaucrat Reference To Vending Machines Didn’t Mean It Was Irrelevant To Other Otherwise Identical Transactions As Prosecutor Claims; FinCEN’s Form Letter Wasn’t Directed At Ian Freeman Despite Claim, But Shire Cryptocoin, And Wasn’t Applicable Had It Been Given Legal Advice The Church Wasn’t A Money Service Business


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