Show One Hundred And Seventy Nine

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Breaking: Government Accidentally Introduces Evidence Key Witness Marry Hurd So-Called Victim In Crypto6 Case Was Actually Complicit In Scheme With Nigerian Scammer To Defraud The Shire Free Church :: Prosecutors In Crypto6 Case Reveal Strategy For Fraud Claim Claiming ‘Willful Blindness’: Yet Submitted Evidence That Proves Church Jumped Through Extreme Hoops To Stop Fraud & That Bank Of America Didn’t Suspect Anything Either :: Apparently Prosecutor Thinks Selling Crypto To Black Men Is Evidence Of ‘Willful Blindness’ :: Prosecutor Puts In Motion To Deny Ian Freeman Of The Crypto6 His Right To Cross Examine Key Witness In Open Court :: Prosecutor Fails To Address Crypto6’s Defense’s Motion To Disqualify ‘Expert’ Witness Testimony On Forensic Blockchain Analysis (For Failing To Meet Scientific Standards Needed For Introduction Of Evidence At Trial) :: Russia Has New Plan To Profit Off American ‘Piracy’ After Hollywood Refuses To License Content :: EU Makes Somewhat Sane Decision: Says Streaming Services Are Not Liable For ‘VPN Piracy’ :: Facebook To Block Canadians From Linking To Articles If Crazy Legislation Passes Which Would Forcibly Redistribute Profits To Media Outlets :: The Cloud Is A Dangerous Place To Store Your Data: Google Deletes Users Files For Utilizing His Free Speech


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