Show Thirteen

IBM to acquire Red Hat, Fedora 29 Officially Released With Arguably The Best Fedora Workstation Release Yet, Grover Norquist to NH: Online Sales Taxes Are Just the Beginning

Show Twelve

Johnson out, Michael in, DHS Seized Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries From Independent Repair Expert Louis Rossman, Net neutrality delay: Calif. agrees to suspend law until after court case, Google app suite costs as much as $40 per phone under new EU Android deal, Roku to…

Show Eleven

New Site Claims Flatpak is a Security Nightmare, Another Developer DMCAs Its Own Video Game Trailer, Creative Commons Continues To Try To Help Courts Understand What Its NonCommercial License Means, Facebook Purges Messages Over Political Agenda, Microsoft Tackles ‘horrifying’ Bing Search Results, Canadian Music Group Proposes ‘Copyright…

Show Ten

FBI Forces Owner to Unlock iPhone, Kavanaugh Is Sworn In After Close Confirmation Vote in Senate, International Day Against DRM Celebrates its 12th Anniversary, Linus Reflects On How He’s Been Hostile To Linux Community Members, Linux Community Adopt Code of Conduct, Code of Merit vs…

Show Nine

UK Treasury Report: Bitcoin Dangerous Because Hackers and Stupid People, Cody Wilson, of Defense Distributed, advocate of 3-D Guns, Arrested in Taiwan After US Government Illegally Invalidates Passport

Show Eight Founder Arrested, Federal judge rules against Trump administration on 3-D gun blueprint case, Record Labels File ‘Billion Dollar’ Piracy Lawsuit Against ISP Cox, EU to give internet firms 1 hour to remove extremist content or else, European MPs vote in favor of controversial copyright…

Show Seven

IP addresses are not people court rules, TVAddons Dish lawsuit settled out of court,  Cox settles lawsuit with BMG over repeat infringer piracy lawsuit, politicians sneaking in copyright extension into Mexico / US trade deal.

Show Six

IRC turns 30 this week, states won’t let Defense Distributed win despite federal settlement, North Korean hackers hit cryptocurrency exchange, internet users win copyright war at supreme court in Denmark, new Mastodon feed, and GOG’s anti-DRM portal FCKDRM.

Show Five

Debian turns 25, new release of Thunderbird: v60, new flaw in 4.9 kernel enables DoS attack, Cody Wilson’s win at the federal level on DIY guns and new attack by various states, Facebook, Newegg, and patents.

Show Four

Show Topics: Slackware turns 25, New York stop & frisk update, Mass tolls, wire transfers to be taxed in Georgia,  Chinese authorities use new technology to test sewage for drug use, judge declares linking illegal, domain fronting, entertainment industry makes threats against politicians and democracy…